How Invisalign® Clear Braces Help Create the Perfect Smile

Due to the way orthodontic care is depicted to the general public, many patients believe that traditional braces or Invisalign® clear aligners are the only options to achieve a beautifully straight smile. What hasn’t been communicated is how Invisalign can lay the groundwork or supplement other cosmetic dental options in a complete smile makeover.

Working Together to Produce Meaningful Results

Invisalign allows a dental professional to establish a better dental alignment and make minor adjustments to a patient’s bite. What is missing from the smile makeover equation is adjusting proportion and brightness. Even after aligning teeth to create an improved bite, many patients still don’t have the appearance they desire. This is where additional cosmetic treatments come into play.

Procedures in cosmetic dentistry provide stunning individual results. By combining Invisalign with cosmetic enhancements such as veneers and professional teeth whitening, a patient can expedite the process of obtaining a near perfect smile.

There are many instances where reaching your aesthetic goals requires a mix of treatment options. For instance, while Invisalign can provide better alignment for teeth, superficial chips and cracks can be managed through composite bonding. Porcelain veneers following the use of clear aligners reduce spaces between teeth and help bring balance to an uneven dental appearance.

Additionally, there are instances when Invisalign is a great option to restore a smile that has previously undergone orthodontic treatment and are now experiencing a relapse. Should this happen, Invisalign is a great method of intervening and correcting the teeth from shifting further. The gentle but effective nature of the clear aligners makes a positive impact without affecting your teeth’s natural condition.

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At our practice, we’re no strangers to performing smile makeovers and developing personalized treatment plans. Dr. Kin Wong and his dedicated team provide cosmetic dentistry services in Burlington, from professional teeth whitening to Invisalign. If you’re interested in learning more about the complementary role clear aligners play in making a positive impact on your smile, contact the Center for Adult Dental Care today.