How to Keep Your Teeth White

There are many tooth whitening methods available to you, ranging from do-it-yourself remedies to professionally administered bleaching at your dental office. Given the multitude of recommendations, it is important to differentiate between the well-meaning advice of a non-dentist and clinically-approved techniques for improving the aesthetics of your smile.

Dr. Kin Wong and our dedicated team at the Center for Adult Dental Care encourage our patients to ask questions when deciding on cosmetic improvement options.

Reasons for Tooth Discoloration

Your teeth come in contact with stain-producing foods and beverages multiple times a day. When you don’t make efforts to remove the remnants right away, staining can become darker and more difficult to lift from the enamel. Those who drink coffee, tea, or wine can be particularly susceptible to discoloration. However, they can combat built-up staining by brushing their teeth or simply rinsing with water directly afterward.

Foods darker in color can alter the brightness of your smile as well. Pasta sauce, curry, and certain fruits such as berries and apples are some examples of foods that can easily stick to your enamel.

Techniques to Brighten Your Smile

A consistent brushing and flossing routine is a great way to start achieving whiter teeth without having to dramatically change your eating habits. Waterpiks and whitening mouthwashes are additional at-home products that contribute to the elimination of stains on your teeth as well. Many patients start noticing results after committing to proper oral care, though they have additional options to improve the appearance of their teeth even further.

Your local grocery store or pharmacy likely offers an array of products specifically designed to whiten your teeth. Whitening strips, gels, pastes, and rinses offer you a cost-effective way to enhance your smile, but most of these products only whiten by two or three shades.

The most effective and efficient way to brighten your teeth is by choosing a professional tooth whitening method. Options like Zoom!® chairside whitening can make your teeth up to ten shades whiter in one visit. The dentist-approved strength of Zoom! can help lift even the most persistent stains, allowing you to smile with confidence.

After achieving your desired shade, it is recommended you follow up with treatment on a consistent basis to help keep your teeth white going forward.

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Achieving and maintaining an aesthetically appealing smile is a common goal for dental patients. At the Center for Adult Dental Care, we educate our patients on the difference between a beneficial whitening option and a YouTube home remedy video. If you would like to discuss the best ways to keep your teeth white in Burlington, Lexington, Woburn, and the surrounding communities, give us a call today!