Signs You may need a Root Canal

Root canal, one of the most common treatment dreaded by most of the people. But it can be a lifesaver when someone find themselves dealing with unbearable tooth pain. This unbearable pain does not initiate immediately. It manifests as tooth sensitivity or little aches that only last a short while. But, as the infection gets severe, the person starts feeling pain as they eat and unlike normal tooth sensitivity, the pain will linger for a longer time. Eventually, the infection leads to pressure in the tooth as it tries to push its way out. At this stage, the person starts to feel intense pain which does not go. All these symptoms are a clear sign of Root Canal treatment.

Handling Dental Pain

Unbearable pain will make anyone to seek emergency dental services. The pain caused by a compromised pulp chamber is not at all like a regular toothache. This kind of pain can affect the person’s regular lifestyle, sleep or any kind of tasks. When this happens, waiting should not be an option as it can worsen the situation. One should immediately contact an emergency dentist, who will look over the tooth and suggest a treatment.

What is a Root canal Therapy?

The term “root canal” refer to both the inner part of the tooth between the pulp and tooth roots. They contain blood vessels and nerves. It is a treatment to repair and save an extremely damaged or infected tooth. It is conducted by removing the damaged area of the tooth, cleaning and disinfecting it and then filling and sealing it. The common causes which affects the pulp are a deep cavity and a cracked tooth.

Does Root Canal Therapy Hurt?

Not getting a root canal treatment can be quite painful, both in the infected tooth and in the wallet. If the treatment is not done when it’s needed, it will only cause further decay & deeper infection requiring more treatment, at a higher cost. In fact, this therapy is actually a relatively painless procedure. With today’s advancements in modern technology, & patient comfort, root canals can be as painless as a teeth cleaning.