The Most Common Types of Bone Grafting

Although bone grafting is becoming more and more common as a form of restorative dentistry in CITY NAME, SAMPLE DENTISTRY knows that there are some patients who have not yet had to understand the term or the procedure. That’s why we provide the following information so you’ll be able to understand how important this procedure is for anyone wanting to maintain the health and integrity of their smile.

But First: Let’s Understand the Procedure

Bone grafting is the dental process of using natural or synthetic materials in restorative dentistry to encourage the growth of new bone in the area that is receiving treatment – such as a dental implant. The basics behind it are this: When a tooth is extracted, the bone structure that had been supporting the tooth will immediately begin to lose integrity without the tooth there. So, when it comes time to replace the tooth that’s been extracted, the process known as bone grafting is used to strengthen the jawbone enough that it will hold the dental implant without complication.

Types of Procedures

At SAMPLE DENTISTRY, we’ll be able to determine which of the following methods is best suited for your individual needs after an assessment that includes x-rays of the bone that’s in question. Here’s an overview of the four most common procedures.

Socket Preservation is used after the tooth has been extracted whereby the empty socket that remains is filled with grafting material to preserve the bone’s integrity until the replacement tooth has been set.

    • Sinus Lifts are used to create space for the grafting material to be placed without harming the sinus area.
    • Ridge Augmentation is similar to socket preservation in that involves filling the location of the extracted tooth – but in this case, it’s because the loss of bone has already been identified.

Nerve Repositioning is similar to a sinus lift in that it repositions a nerve that may negatively impact the comfortable placement of the dental implant.

Ready to Learn More?

If you’d like to learn more about this amazing restorative dental procedure or any of the other services offered in our comfortable CITY NAME dentist office, we invite you to call SAMPLE DENTISTRY today.