Why Do I Have White Spots on My Teeth?

Do you know why white spot on teeth happens? There is not just one single reason; it can have multiple reasons. When you find that picture of a white spot on teeth, you should approach the dentist because it is a symptom or indicator that your teeth are in bad condition. Following you will find some of the cause of white spots on teeth.

Diet: There are many kinds of food which can harm your teeth, such as acidic food, soda, high sugar content, sticky food, and so on. All these kinds of food make the enamel weak and increase the risk of the cavity, gum disease, and many more. You can improve your diet by considering all the factors.

Fluorosis: There is no doubt that fluoride increases your teeth strong, but if you intake it in high quantity, it can result in an opposite effect, which means it can cause decay and discolor. So make sure that you intake fluoride in the right amount, and you can consult with the dentist what is the right quantity you should take of Florida.

Enamel hypoplasia: This problem occurs when the enamel is less than a sufficient amount. It means that your teeth do not have that much nutrition or mineral as much it requires. The main reason can be smoking, consuming alcohol, or even taking antibiotics during fever.

Plaque accumulation: If you do not clean your teeth properly and take care of it, the block can build, which results in a white spot on teeth. You need to make sure that your teeth are cleaned properly if you want to save your teeth from the white spots.

Sleeping with your open mouth: Some people unconsciously open their mouth while sleeping, which results from dehydrating of teeth. Dehydration leads to the problem of white spots.

White spots can lead to critical problems if you are inactive and do not take corrective action. It would help if you visited a dentist near you or contact professionals like Center for Adult Dental Care so they can guide you properly and provide you the right treatment for your teeth.