What Are Dental Emergencies?

What Are Dental Emergencies?

Dental emergencies are any dental issue that requires immediate attention but isn’t life threatening. If an injury or ailment is life-threatening you need to call 911 and go to an emergency room for medical help. Dental emergencies on the other hand require the help of a dentist that provides same-day dental services. Our dental office provides emergency dental care in Burlington Massachusetts, if you need to see a dentist for same-day treatment give us a call.

Types Of Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can be divided into two main groups: issues with teeth and gums and issues with dental materials like fillings, implants, crowns, and bridges. Some examples of dental emergencies that are related to tooth health include severe toothaches, a broken chipped or knocked out tooth, or injections. As for dental elements like fillings, implants, crowns and bridges, if any of them are loose, broken or fall out completely they need to be replaced immediately. Materials like crowns and fillings make up a portion of the tooth and if they are lost the tooth will be vulnerable to infection or breaking. Whether there is damage specifically to your teeth or you have a broken dental bridge, you should see a dentist right away. Make sure to find a dentist that both provides emergency services and that has the technology/equipment to provide same-day treatment. For example CEREC technology allows dentists to fabricate some materials in-office like new dental crowns. 

Is A Chipped Tooth An Emergency?

A chipped tooth isn’t always a dental emergency, but you should always have it looked at professionally. If a chip or crack is small it might be only cosmetic. That said, any chip or crack could make a tooth more vulnerable to a potential break in the future. When it comes to damage to a tooth what matters is what parts of the tooth are damaged. The outermost layer of the tooth is the enamel. If only the enamel is affected, you might not have a dental emergency. If the dentin or the tooth pulp are affected you need to see a same-day dentist. The tooth pulp is pink and deep inside the tooth. If it is exposed you could get a serious infection. The dentin is the layer between the enamel and the tooth pulp and also should not be exposed. 

Do I Need To See An Emergency Dentist About A Lost Filling

Yes, a lost filling or a lost dental crown is a serious concern. The remaining tooth might be exposed to bacteria and therefore infection. You should immediately seek out a dentist to help replace your lost filling or dental crown. If you notice that a filling feels loose or otherwise doesn’t feel right in your mouth, you should try to make a dental appointment preemptively. This can help address the problem before it becomes a bigger problem down the road. 

Emergency Dental Services in Burlington MA

If you or someone you know is experiencing a dental emergency, please contact our team. We provide dental procedures at our office in Burlington Massachusetts. For more information, please click below.