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Although the term bone grafting can seem intimidating or even scary, there is really no need to fear. Bone grafting is not as scary as you might think. Your smile plays a huge part in your confidence. First impressions oh, and even your overall health can be affected by your smile. If you have missing teeth, however, your first impression might not be as good.

Some people lose teeth due to natural causes associated with aging, others might lose their teeth due to poor oral hygiene, still others can lose bone mass because of a severe accident. Whatever the case may be, a simple bone graft may be able to help you along the way to a better smile. Let Burlington Center Dental Associates help you with your bone graft

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What is Bone Grafting?

There are varying degrees and sizes of bone grafting surgeries, however, each surgery is typically utilized to replace bone mass in the jaw after it is lost for one reason or another. For example, if you have lost a tooth, over time the jawbone begins to weaken because it no longer has the stimulation from the root of your tooth to keep it strong. When you decide to get an implant to replace that tooth, the jawbone may no longer be able to support a replacement tooth. For that reason, you may need to graft bone tissue into the area to strengthen it in order to support a dental implant. A small fracture, on the other hand, can lead to a single small bone graft. Tooth lass such as the one mentioned before might call for a medium bone graft. patients, however, who suffer from serious bone loss or multiple lost teeth may require multiple large bone grafts.

Ideally, an oral surgeon who is experienced will be able to remove a damaged tooth and save parts of it in order to begin the grafting procedure. The bone graft begins with small bone granules packed into the site. This site is then topped off with a collagen membrane and closed with stitches. The bone will then begin to heal and solidify causing it to strengthen and enlarge.

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