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A cone beam x-ray is special and used when normal dental x-rays are simply not sufficient enough to provide the information needed. It produces 3D images of the soft tissues, teeth, nerves, and bones in just one scan. You should let your Burlington Center Dental Associates dentist know if you are pregnant. Otherwise, there is no preparation required, and all you have to do is remove all jewelry.

Cone Beam CT X-Rays Q & A

What are Cone Beam CT X-Rays ?

Computed tomography, or CT, x-rays expose the body to more radiation that other forms of x-ray technology. This scanner uses special technology that allows it to produce a 3D image of the entire structure of the mouth, including nerve paths and your dental structure. The images generated by these machines are much more precise, allowing for more accurate and efficient planning of treatment.

During the scan, you should be wearing clothes that fit loosely and are comfortable. Your dentist may ask you to wear a gown during the procedure to make sure nothing gets in the way during your scan. Your glasses, and dentures, pins, and metal objects will also need to be removed. Hearing aids and bras with metal underwire will also need to be removed, as well as any piercings.

What are the benefits of Cone Beam CT X-Rays ?

Although the scan is not the same as traditional x-rays, the image produced is very similar yet more detailed. The beam is in the shape of a cone and moved around on the patients to get many images of your facial and dental structure. It lets your dentist evaluate the status of your jaw, nasal cavity, bone structure, dentition, and the sinuses. It may not provide all of the information a CT scan does, but it provides more information than traditional dental x-rays without the radiation of a CT scan.

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