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Have you recently been experiencing a toothache or tooth sensitivity? Notice what appears to be a tiny hole in one of your teeth? You may be suffering from tooth decay and be experiencing a cavity! At Burlington Center Dental Associates we are happy to offer tooth-colored dental fillings in Burlington, MA for our patients that are suffering from tooth decay and are looking for a safe, healthy and effective dental restoration option. Not sure if a tooth-colored dental filling would be best for you and your smile? Feel free to schedule an appointment with the Burlington Center Dental Associates. We are always happy to see new patients and can get you on our schedule.

Filling Q & A

What is a tooth colored dental filling?

For many years, the go-to option for dental restorations were silver “amalgam” dental fillings. Not only are these dental fillings unsightly, leaving a dark gray area in the patient’s smile, they have also been known to contain mercury, a toxic, liquid metal that has been removed from many other products due to health risks. At the Burlington Center Dental Associates, we are dedicated to providing the healthiest, safest and most modern treatment options available, which is why we offer tooth-colored dental fillings which contain no toxic ingredients.

About Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings

Our tooth-colored dental fillings are made using a tooth-colored composite material which contains no mercury or any other toxic ingredients. Our tooth-colored dental fillings are designed to blend with the patient’s natural tooth, making the treatment basically unnoticeable to others. Tooth-colored dental fillings can improve the health and function of the affected tooth as well, preventing additional damage, decay or even infection from occurring.

Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

When it comes to dental fillings, many patients trust in tooth-colored fillings due to the fact they are more cosmetically appealing, healthier and a safer choice.

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